As leaders in our field - executive coaching, human performance, international executive search, career strategy & start-up entrepreneurship - we aim to be inspirational role models for people & companies in every cycle of their professional & personal experiences.
Creating transformational environments, allowing fog to clear & clarity to form, ready to realise greatest potential in work & life.
We proudly introduce our team. 
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Our Story

The Making Corporation was founded in Australia in 2019 by Hayley James, CEO, Entrepreneur, International Headhunter & Human Performance Leader. 


This is Hayley’s second company, an evolution from her first in the International Executive Search & Talent industry. Her passion has always been in talent management, people performance, human potential & leadership. 


And so The Making was born underpinned by foundations in executive search & talent engagement, leadership development & whole person performance. The Making was established to help people & companies evolve through every stage of the career, leadership & business life cycle. 


Hayley leads, consults, mentors & coaches people, leaders & companies in their cyclical & evolving work & lives. Whole person performance & human potential are her cornerstones. 


Hayley has worked with global market leaders, blue chip brands, market challengers & start-ups. She gets business, big & small. She's led companies, big & small. And she knows people, emerging & evolved. 

Hayley James

Founder & CEO

Human Performance Expert : Keynote Speaker : Accredited Executive Coach : Career Strategist

Business Growth & Performance : Executive Coaching : Career Strategy : International Executive Search :

Whole Person Performance


20+ years in entrepreneurship, general management, leadership, business growth & advisory. Start-ups through to global blue-chips, driving business performance, leadership & talent capability, people & culture strategy, international executive recruitment & search.


Known as

The leader you go to for Whole Person Performance. Motivation. Inspiration. Accountability. Empowerment. Direction. Clarity. Someone to know with deep corporate networks. An impeccable reputation. Commercial mindset with an ethos of serving others. 


Infectious energy for people growth & out-performance. A driver of best practice in leadership, building resilience for sustained performance, starting & growing businesses, empowering team cultures & engagement.

Thrives on

Creating competitive advantage for people, brands & businesses. Helping organisations deliver upon their customer & brand promise through a commitment to high performance. 



All about helping people & companies step into their full & greatest potential. 


Hayley is formally trained as an Australian & internationally accredited Business & Performance Coach, as recognised by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Hayley is currently studying an Advanced Diploma in the Neuroscience of Leadership due for completion in June 2021, upon which time she commences her Masters in the Neuroscience of Human Performance & Leadership. 

Amber Muller

Partner : Wellness Leader : Expert Yogi :

Whole Person Regeneration : In Work - In Life

At The Making Corporation, we believe that consistent & sustainable high performance, the creation of career & brand legacy & psychologically safe workplaces, can only be achieved with WHOLE PERSON growth & regeneration.

Amber is our Director of Regeneration & brings with her, a life dedicated to serving & inspiring people to become the healthiest & most powerful versions of themselves, at every stage of life. A global adventurer & dedicated wellness leader, Amber is a qualified business & performance coach & expert yogi. She knows people & understands their drivers. She operates with warmth & empathy, support & direction. 

Amber shares our philosophy that professional growth can only truly be mastered with a WHOLE PERSON strategy - introducing the third critical pillar to our proposition - wellness creation for high performance & REGENERATIVE LIVING.


Our bespoke programs are centred in the 3 pillars of health. When adopted together, they connect the mind, body & soul in powerful, regenerative harmony. We specialize in Mind Mastery, Nutrition for High Performance and Mindful Movement. Our personal & professional regeneration programs focus on:


Mindful movement & holistic yoga

Mind mastery & meditation

Whole food nutrition & hormonal balancing

Kristi McDonough

Consulting Partner : Executive Program Activation 

With over twenty years of strategic marketing experience, Kristi brings an honest perspective & globally relevant strategy to the modern-day integrated marketing practice. 

With experience at large-scale agencies & global brands, Kristi has developed a proficiency in launching brands across international markets & has expertise in managing brand identity & messaging within the global media marketplace.


Founder of Agency GLOW in Australia 2009, an ideas activation firm for consumer brands, Kristi expanded into the US with offices in Los Angeles & New York. Today, Agency GLOW is a multi-national idea activation agency specializing in strategic marketing & brand experience events.


Kristi’s authentic, humorous & engaging communication style, together with her ability to activate anything in her path (!) across every aspect of The Making Corp's portfolio, has been truly pivotal in cementing our services for clients Australia-wide. 

She's got you, always.

Jason Andrew

Co-Creator & Facilitator :

M A D E. The Program 

​Jason holds an Executive MBA, a Masters in International Studies, Bachelor of Social Science & over 22 years' experience in financial services & wealth creation. Jason's impeccable people-first reputation makes him a clear leader & trusted expert in his field.


A perpetual self-improver who maintains an eye ahead of the curve, Jason is powered by his desire to serve others, in business & life. Well connected across multiple industries & an enabler who helps people to realise & achieve their potential, Jason is driven by a need to make a dent in the universe through value creation for others.


As CEO & Co-Founder of Empowered Financial Partners (RI

Advice Platinum Firm, 2015-2018), Jason oversaw the growth and transformation of the business to be bought by AZNGA in 2016, the Australian subsidiary of Azimut International, an Italian listed financial services company that managers over €59.0 Billion in 17 Countries.

Jason knows business, big & small, but his impact on empowering growth in people is his true gift. He is an experienced strategist & implementer of personal & business growth whose presence is extraordinarily calming, inspiring & game changing.

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