In work & life.

The year is 2 0 2 0. The start of a new decade, the proverbial line in the sand to create great things, new things. A chance to flex against new and needed shifts in work, careers, life. A chance to reinvent yourself, escalate your market position, build your professional reputation, change jobs, reenter the workforce or to turn that start-up dream of yours into a reality, a real business.


BUT then something happened. The world changed overnight. A global pandemic hit, no one anticipated its impact on the global economy, more so on humanity. Not simply a global financial crisis or industry shift, we’ve weathered those. This is different. This will change not simply the way we do business but the attitudes, expectations and fear that comes with a global crisis of this kind.


Our need for certainty and predictability is lost. This change hurts at the core of why humanity

exists - for connection, evolution, certainty & significance.


This change is forever BUT with it, also comes great opportunity.


An opportunity for REGENERATION. For those with the fortitude, desire and intelligence to learn again, invest in personal and professional growth, for themselves, their families, their careers - their future. They are the smart ones. They are the regenerated leaders and professionals of the new climate of business. They are the disruptors and stayers of BEYOND 2020. Are they You?

BE MADE. REGENERATE. So when tomorrow comes, you are ready.

And tomorrow has come.

M A D E.  2 0 2 0 Master FP PDF Doc (1).

M A D E.

The Career Regeneration Summit

Career Performance, Professional Marketability & Growth

Rising like a phoenix from the ashes of major industry shifts, you take the opportunity to regenerate and own your future. Whilst others are still trying to make sense of the new normal, operating in fear and uncertainty, you are taking action. You are committed to going to the next level in your career.


It may be a pivot carrying a degree of risk or simply a leverage point from an already successful career foundation, applicable for new times. Perhaps, you just need to get back in the game - better still - change the game and secure THAT job.


You are driven by burning desire and constant questioning that eats away at you…. “What next, why am I doing this & how do I move forward - better, stronger?”

This is M A D E.

The Difference

Est. 2 0 2 0

Purpose built for beyond tomorrow..