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Where people flourish & workplaces thrive,

in their purposeful worlds. 

Welcome to

The Making Corporation.


The Whole Person Performance, Career Legacy & Professional Regeneration Hub.

Where whole people are made. 

Careers become legacies.

Businesses are havens.

And teams awaken brilliance.


Whether you're an executive needing career regeneration or transformation, a brand requiring the best of the best in talent & performance, an evolving business needing to recalibrate, or an established team needing a little help with cohesion, resilience & sustained performance, you're the centre of our world. 


Finding talent isn't enough, it never has been. That's our base line. Where the work really begins, is building resilient leadership & performance agility, relevant for today for the ever-changing tomorrow.


We start with the person - where performance, productivity & innovation comes. 


We find & align talent to brands. We then grow people from the inside out & awaken human potential by uncovering what sits beneath the core of the person, team & brand - what motivates, engages, inspires & constrains.


Where fear sits & belief rises - a journey of self-discovery for executives & their teams to find out who they are - in work, in life. Is there a difference? Yes, often. Should there be? No.


We find people but make leaders. 


We align brands externally by empowering teams internally for the new climate of business. We regenerate careers & top up empty tanks to promote whole-self potential. And through building resilience & agility in people, leaders, teams & cultures, we transform productivity & performance for the end game.



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Where people are made.


Businesses are havens.

And COMMUNITIES want in. 

No other experience like it,

no more important time for it.


Meets Professional Performance

People are not static creatures. Nor are brands. They flourish & fall on the collective experience of their encounters.


change & unpredictability are constants that we must weather & rise to through evolution, growth, transformation & performance.


Hayley James, Founder & CEO, The Making Corporation 

The Making Corporation proudly presents M A D E  2 0 2 0. 


Australia’s first CAREER ACTIVATION & PROFESSIONAL REGENERATION program for turning careers into legacies, for transformational performance and WHOLE PERSON GROWTH at every stage of business and career lifecycle. 

Consider this your career tune up, your professional & reputational rebrand or simply, your executive re-purposing, allowing others to see you differently now - better, stronger, on top of your real game. The greatest realisation being your career certainty, activation and defined future path.

Transformation & regeneration is our promise. Sustainable performance & career certainty is your result.

Where whole person regeneration, growth & performance becomes your legacy. Not your job title. 


We work on what matters. People. Legacies. 


Of the people, of the workplace, of the world. 

Our intention is to build regenerative and evolving performance environments for the people, for the teams. To create places of connectedness and affinity. Where leaders, individuals and friends come together in a conscious environment of work and life.

Where the natural assets of the person and the environment merge to create truly transformative and progressive workplaces. Where virtual connectedness brings a place of solace, reflection and problem solving during uncertainty and unpredictability.

Where people are made.

careers are activated. 

businesses are havens.

And outsiders want in. 

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Our mission is to forge inspired, meaningful & regenerative futures for people, leaders, companies & brands. Where people are remembered for their legacy, not their job title. 

Our vision is to grow WHOLE people from the inside out & to help workplaces perform, flourish & evolve in their purposeful worlds. The world over.

“Work on the whole person & performance will come”

Hayley James, CEO & Founder, The Making Corporation